I provide executive and team coaching services utilizing a needs and values-based communication model based on the work of Marshall Rosenberg, PhD. A powerful tool to support clarity and self-connection, this approach assumes that human needs are universal and that people are consistently doing their best in attempting to meet those needs—even if the behaviors being demonstrated are unskillful and stimulate disharmony within the organization.

My approach with work teams focuses on creating connections so that individual team members can obtain clarity, gain new perspectives and express themselves with authenticity. By becoming aware of the judgments that can block connection, this process increases mutual understanding and respect. Bringing new skills to the area of communication builds people’s desire and confidence to connect with others rather than staying stuck in defending their own position.

Some of the benefits to clients include increasing the ability to:

  • Enhance self-awareness
  • Learn to stay self-connected in challenging situations
  • Enhance working relationships with coworkers, partners and clients
  • Build respect and trust within work teams
  • Make requests in a way most likely to be understood


Restoring trust after communication breaks down is very challenging and at times, results in individuals becoming resigned to just ‘keeping their distance’ from one another. The ability to resolve conflicts between team members is essential for managers and leaders within organizations.

Conflicts are extremely costly in terms of time, energy and resources. Often members of an entire work team are affected whether or not they have been directly involved. Early intervention in workplace conflicts can result in mutual understanding and increased goodwill. Learning a practical and effective communication tools can enhance one’s ability to stay self-connected even under stressful situations.  The resulting sense of empowerment enhances confidence and accountability.

Increase your ability to:

  • Find common ground across differing positions
  • Enhance understanding within conflict situations
  • Work with emotions when they are running high
  • Develop skills to calm down in the heat of the moment
  • Engage on the level of shared human needs and organizational values


Over many years in my professional work, I’ve discovered that managers and supervisors can be unprepared in addressing the increasing interpersonal challenges that arise within their work teams. Power struggles  and issues around anger can leave everyone feeling stressed, overwhelmed and discouraged. Conflictual issues and unspoken tension that is not addressed in a direct and timely manner, result in mistrust by employees that the situation will improve. At this point, both morale and productivity can be greatly affected.

Using a needs-based approach can shift the old paradigm of power-over to power-with in any organization. Enhance your capacity to:

  • Move from adversarial to connecting communication
  • Give and receive meaningful feedback
  • Enhance transparency and trust between team members
  • Learn to initiate and remain engaged in difficult conversations
  • Stay self-connected in stressful situations


A needs-based approach to communication offers a wide array of benefits to an organization or work team. Consider hosting an on-site training workshop that can be customized to meet your specific goals. Effective leaders are able to use current challenges as a vehicle to inspire cooperative efforts,  enhance self-awareness and increase effectiveness.

I offer a variety of training programs in diverse workplace environments—from half-day introductory workshops to 12-week in-depth series. Depending on your organizational challenges and goals,

Here are some topics that can be customized for your organization:

  • TeamBuilding: Ways to enhance trust and respect
  • Communicating with Clarity and Authenticity
  • How Not to Take it Personally
  • Initiating Challenging Conversations
  • Transform Patterns that Block Connection
  • Making Positive Use of Anger
  • From Politically Correct to Authentic
  • A Fresh Approach to Employee Reviews
  • Communicate via Email with Clarity and Empathy
  • Build Efficiency into Your Meetings

*** If you or members of your team are experiencing communication challenges, contact me directly for details on how I can help.

“Kathy, I’m so grateful for how you coached us through a very difficult situation with a lot of compassion and skill. We are now seeing the results of your efforts with increased interaction among peers.”
Manager, work unit
“I’m so grateful that NVC was brought into my workplace. The training has been incredibly energizing and thought provoking. The words of wisdom and this process language have brought to light so much and contributed to me being able to connect with myself and others. The training is one of the most valuable I have ever received.”
“We had to work through some very tough interpersonal issues.  Your calmness and expertise in using NVC really helped mediate between the two employees who were having significant issues.  Despite the intense conflict, they were finally able to hear each other.”
Supervisor, work team