I’ve been a people-person for as long as I can remember. Creating and nurturing connection with others has been the most important and joy-filled aspect of my life. Quite simply, relationship is what really matters to me and what brings me alive.

It’s not surprising then, that my life’s work would align with this person-centered approach. Communication, leadership and building trusting relationships are the cornerstones that have fueled my professional work.

Early on in my career I built a successful small business providing excellent customer service and in the 1980’s moved into the dynamic and competitive technology field. As the leader of a key service team, we were able to create record success by building mutually beneficial relationships with our customers. Our clients remained loyal through years of intense competition and I received national recognition as an innovative and effective leader.

While my career field was technology, I’m clear that it was the human resource—the relationships I encouraged and nurtured that enabled success. 15 years of 100% customer retention in a highly competitive industry—previously unheard of—was the result of my belief in and dedication to sustaining relationships where everyone’s needs were valued.

In 1992 I was given a chance to return to Portland to open a new office for my employer. Once here, I immersed myself in the local community, becoming active in social change work. I volunteered with a nonprofit organization working to build connections with youth, their families and the larger community. I went on to become Executive Director of that organization and in 2000, in the course of that work, I discovered the power of Compassionate Communication as developed by Dr. Marshall Rosenberg.

I was ecstatic to be able to dive deeply into Compassionate Communication. Here was a process…a language…a way of listening and speaking…that was being shared around the world to support the well-being of individuals. The power of this needs-based approach provided a very elegant and essential element for personal growth and the “how-to” in building healthy relationships. A transformative model that is teachable, learnable and very practical in its application, I saw with clarity that at the heart of each and every communication—spoken or unspoken—a human need is being expressed.

Finding in this process an alignment with my deepest values, I’ve dedicated myself to integrating and living the principles of this compassionate language. My life’s direction now is to teach and support others to communicate in ways that [enhance the quality of each and every relationship] [enliven, inspire and connect].


After discovering the power of Compassionate Communication in 1999 I was eager to share it with my family. My two adult children were the immediate recipients of my exuberance and confidence in this compassionate language to transform relationships. Sisters, brothers-in-law, nieces and even our now, 91 year old mother, were impacted and influenced by this way of communicating needs and values.

What unfolded from sharing my discovery with family members was a natural sequence of interest and learning that resulted in a sort of family-immersion in communication. Years later, those I am closest to are offering trainings, mediation and counseling services to individuals, families and organizations.

Being able to share a common language has enhanced the quality of connection within our family. It has supported each of us in our own unique ways to deepen our self-growth and to support others in doing the same.

tony_headshot-200x300ANTHONY MARCHANT

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Anthony Marchant is a therapist and NVC facilitator with over 10 years of experience working with, practicing, and teaching Compassionate Communication (NVC).  He holds a masters degree in Transpersonal Psychology from Naropa University in Boulder CO.

Anthony has had extensive training with Marshall Rosenberg including a two week intensive in Switzerland. Having felt the transformative power of NVC in his own life, Anthony is committed to sharing NVC with others.  He leads practice groups and has incorporated NVC into his practice as a therapist.  His passion for NVC and for cultivating authentic relationship has led him to focus on couples and families who wish to deepen their connection to one another.

Anthony’s ability to blend NVC with his training in Transpersonal Psychology offers a unique opportunity for people to develop practical skills while cultivating self-awareness and grounding in the present moment.  This powerful combination supports people on their path towards living a full and embodied life.

20100423_Angela_Merchant_0002ANGELA MARCHANT

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Angela Marchant has devoted herself to studying and integrating holistic therapies inspired by the desire to support others on their journey to health. Through yoga, meditation, bodywork and Compassionate Communication (NVC), she discovered the transforming power of heart to heart connection-the foundation of NVC. As a Licensed Massage Therapist with a degree in psychology, she brings a hands-on approach to learning and living NVC.

Angela brings over ten years of experience practicing, living and teaching Compassionate Communication. She offers her students practical ways to access this powerful tool in their daily living while also supporting the integration on a deeper level. Angela is passionate about social change and creating sustainable communities and values the contribution NVC offers these movements.

Angela is currently delivering programs to local area nonprofits interested in adopting NVC as the primary mode of communication within their organizations. Angela offers workshops, classes and private sessions for couples and families.[/one_half]