I provide executive and team coaching services utilizing a needs and values-based communication model based on the work of Marshall Rosenberg, PhD. A powerful tool to support clarity and self-connection, this approach assumes that human needs are universal and that people are consistently doing their best in attempting to meet those needs—even if the behaviors being demonstrated are unskillful and stimulate disharmony within the organization.

My approach with work teams focuses on creating connections so that individual team members can obtain clarity, gain new perspectives and express themselves with authenticity. By becoming aware of the judgments that can block connection, this process increases mutual understanding and respect. Bringing new skills to the area of communication builds people’s desire and confidence to connect with others rather than staying stuck in defending their own position.

Some of the benefits to clients include increasing the ability to:

  • Enhance self-awareness
  • Learn to stay self-connected in challenging situations
  • Enhance working relationships with coworkers, partners and clients
  • Build respect and trust within work teams
  • Make requests in a way most likely to be understood

If you or members of your team are experiencing communication challenges contact me directly for details on how I can help.

“Kathy, I’m so grateful at how you coached us through a very difficult situation with a lot of compassion and skill. We are now seeing the results of your efforts with increased interaction among peers.”
Manager, work unit


“I’m so grateful that NVC was brought into my workplace. The training has been incredibly energizing and thought provoking. The words of wisdom and this process language have brought to light so much and contributed to me being able to connect with myself and others. The training is one of the most valuable I have ever received.”