PRACTICE GROUPS: Where Integration Happens

So you understand the concepts and the basic components of Compassionate Communication, but you are struggling to use it consistently…to bring it in to your everyday conversations?

And you find it difficult to express yourself in a way that feels natural and authentic? Perhaps even more challenging to stay connected with yourself during stressful or angry exchanges?

Participating is a structured Compassionate Communication Practice Group has proven to be a very effective way for people to deepen and integrate this process. For more than twelve years I’ve been facilitating individuals who are motivated to bring a compassionate understanding for themselves and others into their daily living.

Designed to support accelerated integration, practice group participants receive direct coaching using ‘real life’ situations in a safe and structured small group format. The learning environment that is created is engaging, nonjudgmental and supportive.

You will be able to learn and practice how to:

  • Identify feelings and needs with greater fluency in the moment
  • Stay connected to what you want while being sensitive to the needs of others
  • Listen to others empathically regardless of the words they may be using
  • Express yourself honestly without judging, criticizing or blaming others
  • Deepen your capacity for self-connection, self-compassion, self-forgiveness
  • Experience the freedom that comes when we choose how we want to respond in stressful situations.
  • Find the gift…the value…behind anger—yours and someone else’s


“The ongoing practice work I am doing with Kathy is transformational. She is a kind spirit and incredibly skilled at what she does. I can honestly say that this class has changed my life. It has helped me be more open-hearted, less judgmental of myself and others and more honest and forthcoming in my communication. It is a huge help for me at work and in my personal life.”
Kate, practice group participant
“Through my continuing practice group with Kathy, I have grown in my ability to connect to myself and others, to give and receive empathy, and to hear feelings and needs in every human interaction. As an educator, I recognize how gifted Kathy is. She is quite expert at modeling this process and effectively guiding students. Through her guidance, I have been able to experience so much understanding and compassion for myself and others. My practice group is the safest space I have in my life right now and I am so grateful to have this.”
Sarah Morris, Nursing Program Director/Instructor