Do you struggle to ask for what you want without having it be heard by a family member as a demand? Are you stressed and weary about getting caught in the same power struggles over and over? Do you want to transform your self-blaming inner dialog with compassionate understanding for yourself?

When we experience misunderstandings, distance and disconnection in our most important relationships it can affect our sense of well-being in very significant ways. Building and sustaining trust and connection with those we are closest to is a skill, a learning, that most of us were not taught. Yet our ability to experience happiness in our lives is largely based on how healthy our relationships are.

If you or your family are going through a stressful time, consider receiving some guidance to:

  • Gain clarity around the patterns that are blocking connection
  • Learn how to listen and express in ways that reconcile and join
  • Transform grievances into opportunities for understanding and empathic connection

Through many years of working with people as well as being committed to my own relational growth work, I have come to value the deep longing people have to experience vitality and trust in their closest relationships. The empathic element at the heart of Compassion Communication creates and sustains a space where understanding and compassion can be re-established. A deepening experience of self-forgiveness and reconciliation with others offers us a way to thrive and create conscious relationship with self and others.

I offer private sessions to individuals, couples and families. Sessions range from one to two hours. I am happy to discuss your particular situation and book an initial session. Contact me for details.