11-Week Compassionate Communication Series

This series is specifically designed to provide a solid grounding in the conceptual framework and direct application of the process of Compassionate Communication. The curriculum and self-study component of the course enables participants to absorb and integrate the material in practical ways using situations that arise in daily life. The hands-on coaching and weekly structured learning create a safe and engaging way to absorb the material effectively.

In this experiential and interactive training you will learn how to:

•    Translate judgments and evaluations into feelings and needs.
•    Express your own needs while taking the needs of others into account.
•    Let go of old patterns of defending, withdrawing or attacking in the face of  criticism and blame
•    Shift the thinking that leads to anger and misunderstandings
•    Make requests that allow for freedom of choice – not coercive demands
•    Develop a practice of self-compassion

Course Overview


The next 11-Week Compassionate Communication Series

When:    Tuesday evenings 6:30 – 8:30 pm (begins January 2, 2024)
Where:    1509 SW Sunset Blvd, Suite 2A, Portland, OR 97239
Facilitated by Kathy Marchant
Fee: $440


“Your class was a gentle but powerful learning experience for me.  I’m not sure if it is the space you allow for genuine growth, the fact you have been practicing NVC for over a decade, or that you spent so many hours of training with Marshall himself, but you sure have a true talent for unlocking the soul for compassionate communication.  NVC has come to life for me as a result of your class.  Thank you!”
Carlos, Class Participant
“Kathy… modeled NVC practice with precision and compassion, taking a surprisingly large group through a step by step and effective process of learning and experimentation.  I was particularly impressed with how deeply the practice is embedded in Kathy’s heart and speech…. Kathy listens intently and carefully and leads a group with care and attention.”
Cynthia, Class Participant